Argate Creative

Imaginative Freelance Videography

As a Freelance videographer, the work I offer is diverse. From promo videos to documentary film-making, Photography to Cinematography. I believe that telling rich engaging stories is what drives us as humans, and as a videographer, it is my job to find new ways to explore and tell your story.

What Argate Creative does....


-Film Cinematography
-Cameraman work
-Promotional Campaigns
-Music Videos
-Behind the Scenes
-Highlight Reels
-Video Editing

Creative Content Production

-Film Production
-Multi-media art projects
-Collaborative art projects
-Digital-based exhibits
-Stock Content Creation


-Mood Boarding
-Creative Briefs & Pitches
-Creative Direction
-Storyboard & Script Drafting


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0422 244 025

What is Argate Creative

Freelance Commerical Design

My name is Caleb Cameron and I am a Townsville based Hybrid videographer. I started my freelance business mid 2020 as a way to further my skills, knowledge, and experience within the industry. Ever since then I have done work with brands and companies such as; Townsville City Council, Tedx Townsville, Speak Eze, Theatre of Diversion, Pimlico State High school and more. I am a lover of film, photography and the general creative process, having a keen affinity towards creating deep engaging stories.

As a Hybrid Videographer and Creative, I offer a diverse range of mediums for you to work with. My company's aim is to tell rich and engaging stories through imaginative and beautiful means. This often results in promotional products which need to embrace multiple mediums, from photography, to film, documentary, to cinematic pieces. With the market for promotional pieces becoming more and more saturated, having a unique look and imaginative promotional campaign is a major factor in standing out. I hope to offer you and your brand a unique and beautiful filmic promotional campaign which engages and connects you to your target audience. I wanna work with brands that are looking to establish an imaginative filmic look for their brand and cenemant a central story to their audience. To achieve this I offer one on one brand analysis where I flesh out the core tenets of your brand, along with establishing the story behind every brand, event and product. I then will brainstorm on top of this, possible looks, promotional pieces, ideas and finally synthesize a specific brand or campaign aesthetic. This ensures that you move forward with consistency and confidence.My work and expertise largely resides within the commercial arts industry. But I have and will focus my efforts on all fields. As long as you have a story to tell, I have the ability to tell it. We as humans mark everything we create; like out brands, with our own personal stories. But we don't always have the expertise to fully realize it, which is where I come in. As a hybrid videographer, I am here to flesh out the story of your brand and ultimately you.

Imaginative Multimedia Production

As a Creative, I am always striving to express myself through film, photography, and any creative endeavor I pursue. Argate Creative is not just a company aimed at pursuing commercial production but also one that produces and releases filmic art pieces in various mediums from photography, to film, short stories to music. Argate Creative is a multi-faceted production company that strives at pushing the envelope both thematically, through the stories I tell and the emotions I invoke

Argate Creative, however, doesn't just produce solo artworks done by me, it also produces collaborative multimedia projects all under central themes and tenets. These projects are aimed at utilizing Townsville's vast creative talent to produce rich and engaging artworks in imaginative ways. Under these projects, artists will get to express themselves both technically and creatively, giving them a base to work from. These projects will often be expressionistic in nature, and thus will be aimed at invoking a certain sense of emotion over a diverse range of artworks. From surrealist films, music, photography, art, and really any type of creative expression. I am all about collaboration with Argate Creative and I am always happy to work with others. If you are a Townsville creative looking to collaborate on any projects then message me at my given contacts

Videography Portfolio

Personal Projects

What can I do for you

Video / Photo Services

The work I offer is diverse, and I will utilise a multitude of mediums and creative skills to bring your brands/ companies ideals and vision to your target audience. Being more than a camera to hire, I offer a personal one-on-one talks with my clients, where I delve deep into your companies needs and wants. Beautiful visuals are only important when they complement a rich and engaging story, that is why I priorities developing friendly understanding between me and you so that I can fully grasp the story of your brand.

Video Content:

-Film Cinematography
-Cameraman work
-Promotional Campaigns
-Music Videos
-Fashion/Clothing Promotion
-Highlight Reels
-Video Editing
-Product promotion

$50/h for Editing --- $100/h for Filming


-Talent and location socuting
-City Scapes
-Product photography
-Social media
-Photography and styling
-House Photography

-5 images: $225
-10 images: $350
-20 images: $500
-30 images: $750
-40 images: $920
-60 images: $1100
-80 images: $1260

Creative Content Production

Argate Creative isn't just a Freelance production company but a hub of Creative Content. Through my various creative platforms, like Instagram, Youtube, PicFair Store and project-specific websites, I release a multitude of creative content for various audiences. On top of this, I work alongside a multitude of Indivvidual Townsville artists and groups to produce Collobrative content, either under there own production or my Initiative "The Argate Initaitve".

My PicFair Store

A stock Photo and Photography print store that allows you to directly license and purchase my photos for whatever purpose you require them for. It is perfect for:
-Commercial Advertising
-Website Design
-Personal use
-Office Decoration
-Home Artworks
-Social Media posts
and for any reason that you need high-quality photos

The Argate Initative

The Argate Initiative is a Townsville-based collaborative arts project aimed at utilizing a multitude of mediums; from Photography, to film, music, to poems, to invoke the same ideas, emotions and feelings. The Inittiative is about connecting Townville Artists together and producing beautiful expressionist art pieces. If you are interested in Collobrating contact me directly through Instagram, email or phone.Website with more information is currently unavailable


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0422 244 025

Terms and Conditions

Quotes are valid for 60 days unless explicitly stated.
2. Payment
Payment is due within 14 days of invoice date.
3. Time Restraints
Where a deadline has been agreed to, the client must cooperate fully with the requests of the production team in a timely fashion throughout the production process to ensure that deadlines are met. We will not be held responsible for delays if a third party is involved in the production process.
4. Intellectual Property
All concepts, scripts, captured footage, photography, and final productions remain the authors' property until the client has paid the final invoice. Once the work has been paid for in full, copyright of all work produced is transferred to the client free of any royalties or limitations. We retain the right to publish all material produced for the sole purpose of educating and promoting.
5. Refunds
In accordance with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission a partial or full refund may be applicable if the item does not fit the intended purpose and requires significant changes. You can always ask about a free repair, replacement or refund, but you are not always entitled to one. For example, the consumer guarantees do not apply if you got what you asked for but simply changed your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else, decided you did not like the purchase or had no use for it.